I'm Really Not That Upset About It

by Stars Hollow

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released March 28, 2016

All songs written and performed by Stars Hollow
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andrew Ferren
Artwork by Alexis Politz

Sorry Dad Records (C) 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Embarrassed
I always bite off more than I can chew / Leaving me to choke in front of you / I'm embarrassed by everything that I do / I don't know how to change / I just know how to be safe / I was always afraid to climb up trees / So I'll just keep spinning / Lonely and incomplete / While all my friends are high above me / Don't mind me, I'm just dizzy / You know where I'll be / Planting flowers under that tree / Or burying my past down at Burn's Cemetery / But I'm really not that upset about it / I'm really just kind of a wreck without it / I'm really not that upset about it / But I'm really not any better without it.
Track Name: Mattering
I'm living in the uncertainty of fair weather memories / Constantly asking if I really remember or if it's just from home movies / I'm absent minded, present but lifeless / And when I speak it's nothing of substance / So I started drinking because I thought I'd have something to say / It just made me drunk and want to throw up / And I'm still awkward and I don't think that will change / I'm stuck in my ways, but that's okay / It's not that bad, I'm just sick of feeling like I'm never in a solid state of mattering / You see right through me / I don't want to live in fair weather memories / I want to know it's more than home movies / And it fucking scares me / It fucking scares me / That I'm never in a solid state of mattering
Track Name: Cicada
I feel like lately it's always raining / It leaves me drenched and soaking wet / And there's no time to get dry because I'm never warned about the worst storms / I can't form words to say what I need / Shallow footprints covered up by everything / But I still try to hold it tight / Everything feels like goodbye / So I avoid it all the time / Pinned to the clotheslines where I hang out to try / Stuck in place to shrink in the sunshine / My skin is shrinking, it doesn't feel like mine / It doesn't fit me right / So I'll shed off my skin and sing the summers away / Because it rained all through April, but flowers never came
Track Name: Drinking Buddies
So if I tear at the seams and bleed / Would you help keep my wounds clean? / Am I just here for the intake of cheap beer and college shame? / This is not what I wanted / So fucking stressed and exhausted / Guess I got what I wanted / Had some friends but I lost them
Track Name: Cloud Envy
I wanna die laughing / Falling into a pile of leaves / All along not knowing a bed of nails was underneath / But I know that it's hard to wake up in the morning / I'll always fall short of what's expected of me / But I'll be the finest shell that a casket has ever seen / Did you ever see? / Did you ever see me? / I wanna die lonely because I've never been good at goodbyes / Always just floating along / Wishing I was just in the sky / I have cloud envy / But the way I feel swallows me / Choking me down, gnawing it's teeth / Until I'm asleep six feet deep / Gasping for air, I can't breathe / I know it shouldn't be / But I know it's meant to be my cemetery