Live Well

by Ryan Kerr

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released February 28, 2016

Written and performed by Ryan Kerr
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Robert Lugo at DBB Records

Additional instrumentation provided by:
Zachary Jetter - Drums
Alex Lewis - Electric Guitar
Robert Lugo - Bass
Grey Gordon - Electric Guitar (solo)
Amara Gilraine - Vocals
Austin Parish, Robert Lugo, Ryan Kerr - Stomps & Claps
Ryan Kerr, Robert Lugo - Percussion, Drums (Multi-Mic)
Ryan Kerr, Robert Lugo - Rhodes Piano, Organ

Artwork by Ian Ruisard | Layout by Austin Parish

Sorry Dad Records (C) 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Sattison Family Name
I’m not a praying man
It takes one to know one
But I still believe
I’m just not inclined to ask for things
They put my grandpa in the ground
I took a flower from his grave
Was it Heaven or Hell
He was headed for, anyway?

I’m not a gutless man
I’m not afraid of dying
Like I used to be
His passing has been hard on me
I’ve been thinking about life and death
Like it’s a double sided coin we flip
Worried about the end
Not focused on how we live

My life’s just begun
I’m pushing forward everyday
Working to please a man
Who’s lying in his grave
And I don’t know the way
To get on the road that leads to fulfillment
I’ll just wipe my brow, callus my hands,
Love my family, and be an honest man
Because I don’t know where I’m going
Track Name: A Ghost (As I Wait)
I let the sun bake the back of my neck, as I wait
I take a draw from my English pipe tobacco blend, as I wait
I watch the shadows on the blinds
Of the house just down the lane
They family that once was mine
As I wait

I try to clench the memories with some unforgiving hands, as I wait
They slip through my fingertips like a bullet in the wind, as I wait
I think of the times I left behind
Watching my children grow up
My wife by my side
As I wait

I’ve been a man of many a sickening disease
I like my women and my whiskey
The girly bars on Dixie
You can’t take back what you’ve done

I guess i’m just a ghost
A ghost, as I wait
Track Name: Gifts of Broken Glass
I received a gift of sustenance
That helped me on my way
It was given with no strings attached
From a man with greater pain
I was thinking some months ago
Of proof from up above
And I don’t know if this was my answer
But I hope to Heaven it was

I received a gift of broken glass
And glue to make it whole
With instructions to assemble
A picture of a bowl
And inside this piece of pottery
Is where I kept my faith
Along the seaming was a crack
No hope left to replace

Is there something in my heart that shades me from the sun?
Or something in my fingertips that lies, through pen, on paper napkins?
Something in my stomach that sickens me to think,
To question if You’re even listening to what I have to say?
Is there something in my legs that weighs them down and anchors me?
Or something in my body that thrusts the air, the breath, the life
Out of every pore in my skin, every vessel of my blood?
Is there any way of proving anything You’ve ever said or done?
Track Name: I Got A Son
I got a son
And I’ll make a man of him before I’m done
I got a son
A mind of his own, he thinks he’s grown
Sticks and stones
And you won’t catch me sparing no rod
I got a son
And no regrets for what I done

What else can I do?

My baby boy
My flesh and blood
You used to sing and play
Dancing in the sun
Hair like gold
Eyes ocean blue
I don’t know what in Hell has gotten into you

What else can I do?

My boy run off
His feeling hurt
He started gumming back at me
I left him lying in the dirt
Expect him home
By Christmas if not before
He’ll come crying to his Mamma
And I’ll show him to the door
Track Name: Ballad of a Lonesome Girl
You were born in Louisville Kentucky
Under a sky who only know one star
The wind swept around the skyline of the city
And carried secrets of a baby’s broken heart

When you were two years old, you had blonde hair and freckles
When you were four years old, you drove your Pappaws truck
When you were twelve years old, you drank a label of Jack Daniels
And sixteen saw mini skirts and low cut halter tops

The first day we met, you were high on pain pills
We walked to your house and painted your walls black
I heard you ask the world a multitude of questions
And waited patiently to hear, but no one answered back

And I don’t know what it’s like

To be a scared little kid, always waiting to begin
To cry myself to sleep at sixteen
To wake up and wonder if I should accept this life
To throw it back
Track Name: Take You Home
Been blazing this broken trail
For almost thirteen days
WIth the sun on my shoulders
The wind and dust in my face
Climbing down to Hell
It’s been awhile since I’ve been
And you can tell the Devil
I’ve been looking forward to seeing him again

He got my woman
Chains of fire ‘round her wrists
He got shackles on her ankles
Affliction in his fists
But I got a bullet
It says Lucifer on the side
And I’m climbing down
To take back what is mine

I said
“Come on baby, I want to take you home”

I said
“Watch out baby, I want to take you home”

I said
“Watch out baby ‘cause I’m gonna shoot
Can’t stop my heart from loving you
Gonna put that Devil down”
Track Name: Throwin' Stones
You go on thinking you’ve got one up on me
And I’ll show you who’s above
You go on thinking you’re strong enough to beat
And we’ll see if that’s enough
Last night I saw a woman in The Square
The townsfolk gonna send here straight to Hell
She’d been kissing all the businessmen in town
Just the I looked up and saw a man
He kneeled down, started writing in the sand
Said, “If you ain’t done no wrong, go ahead and toss your stone.”

And I wonder how it would be
To not have all these eyes on me
Track Name: Smoking Twilights and Smoking Sinkholes
Lived in Canmer, Kentucky
Burned our trash in a sink hole
The fields were brown
As the sun went down on empty streets
And that’s where we began, you and I
Sneaking cigarettes in that summer starlight
And I loved you
And you loved I

We moved on
About thirty miles north the state line
You started chasing boys with blonde hair and brown eyes
And I started chasing my dreams with a fire
We lived in the basement of a house with a man
Who had seen his last sight, stood his last stand
And I loved you
And you loved I

Landing ourselves in Kentucky again
You fell head over heels in love with a man
And I guess that’s fine
I just didn’t like the look he put in your eye
You all messed around, back and forth about eight years or so
Before the winter’s day when them wedding bells toled
And I loved you
And you loved I

We started out
In that same town, long ago
WIth those smoking twilights, that smoking sinkhole
But you and I, we’ve got nothing left to do or say
You love your big house, and your cash, and your cars
And I love my wife, and my kids, and my guitar
And you changed
You said you wouldn’t, and you lied
But I love you
And you love I
Track Name: Apache Gulch
There is a song
That rolls off my lips
Runs in my veins
Through my fingertips

There is smoke
That’s thicker than sin
Sweeter than grace
Softer than hymns

There is a girl
With buttermilk skin
Lover’s embrace
Mother’s homage

There is a place
I love more than home
It’s just down the way
Apache Gulch
Track Name: Vessel of Dust
I know there’s something wrong
I feel it in my bones
The desert day is hot
My sweat, it feels so cold

Your scent is in my blood
Your breath is in my throat
Your taste is on my tongue

The first time that I met you
You had angels wings
I thought that God had sent you
To set me free

Then on our wedding night
I saw you were the Devil’s own
You slept inside my soul

I know you’d lie and steal
Cheat and kill to get your way
Your sin was sinking in
My love was debt to pay

And I swear to Heaven that
The last time I saw you
I would have put you down into the dirt

But my heart
It got the best of me
Now, shanghai
Aboard this vessel of dust

And though this lonesome road knows how to drag me down
You better watch your back when I get into town
Track Name: The Winner's Game
Well I’ll suck the poison out
Spit it on the floor
And I’ll take this demon’s spindled wheel
And spin a crown of thorns
I could save your life
If you’ve saved mine before
But I don’t go giving sympathy
To every man who comes walking through my door
I’ll send them away

You gotta know when to lose
This ain't no winner’s game

Well, I never felt so defeated
Never so cold
I’ll just take two hits from this cigar stick
And let the smoke roll
Out of the town
Across the county lines
To snuff out all of your suspicions
With a swift, solemn stride

You gotta know when to lose
This ain’t no winner’s game

Just one more chance to be everything my daddy ever wanted me to be
Just one more chance to take one more breath in a different place than I ever did before
I don’t want to miss the little things
I don’t want to miss my babies being something great like their daddy never was
Never meant to make you cry
I never meant to be a thorn stuck deep into your side

Just one more chance to be everything my daddy ever wanted me to be
Just one more chance to take one more breath in a different place than I ever did before
I don’t want to miss the little things
I don’t want to miss my babies being something great like their daddy never was
Never meant to make you cry
Your thorn is in my side
I’ll suck the poison in
And then I die
Track Name: Five Friends
Craig’s got himself a pretty girl
They settled down
About two miles from the campus
In the “bleed blue” town
His last gal broke his heart
And moved to north Chicago
Chasing glimpses of The Trio
Between the west end and the water
I know he felt alone
Now Kelsii is his home

Met a boy from Churubusco
Hope of tour in his eyes
He’d strum the guitar with fingertips
Made of dream and desire
Something in him was a mirror
The reflection was all
Of a boy that I once was
Now a man with dreams long gone
I hope he makes it stick
I never made much of it

And Amy’s down in Glasgow
Singing songs of the blues
Because she moved on from her family
For a life she wants to lose
She stares out her window
Sits on a pillow made of stone
Next to a marriage bed of needles
Looking for the Crossroads through the fog
Good news is good to hear
Says things are better this year

Got some good friends on in Indy
Working through the throts
Of the early years of matrimony
In a sea of second thoughts
And he makes his apologies
And she makes him make amends
Then they both lie down and wonder
When the simple part begins
Their love and courage true
It’s only easy if it ain’t happening to you

These songs are the words
Of the people in my life
They tread on hope and strive
If we keep with the current
Head above the water
I know we’ll live well and survive

We tread on hope and strive