We Love You​/​Broom

by We Love You & Broom

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released January 31, 2015

Tracks 1-3 written and performed by We Love You
Tracks 4-6 written and performed by Broom
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Caleb Lewis
Artwork & photography by Austin Parish

Sorry Dad Records (C) 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: We Love You - Where Are You?
I wish I could be where you are
But it's better here

I'm in hell
Where are you
Track Name: We Love You - A Whisker Away
Will you stay or are you just passing by?
Tread lightly across the floor
You don't wanna be seen
By the eyes across the room
They're looking straight through you
Green eyes plastered to the backs of mine
For some reason, he doesn't seem to like you
Come sleep in my lap until he goes downstairs
To do whatever the hell he wants to
Will you stay? No you won't
You got things to do
Like wander the basement, hiss at your mother who loves you
So spoiled from the day we brought you home
So spoiled from the day she brought you home
No one's gonna love you than we do
Track Name: We Love You - Repair
Please do this for me
I swear I won't speak of it again
Return my beaten down mind
Return the night in your father's car

Drive me through your town again
Show me the road that makes you nervous

I'll do this for you, just this once
Repair your broken heart
Return the pieces i stole
Track Name: Broom - Crawl
I know you feel it too, it's just that time of year
That rips me in two and fills me with fear
Well, a memory is better than nothing at all
And if this years the same I'll be better 'til Fall comes around
To tell me what I knew all along
To crawl back into the ground where I belong
Track Name: Broom - Spool
I'm unravelling into several tiny strings
And I won't be much in the next couple of months
And I can feel you move when I'm alone in my room
You cast a wave inside and destroy my whole life

Like I got nothing better to do
Except for coming home to have a beer or two
Or laying down in bed when the skies dark blue
But usually I can't make my sober mind up
And you've got nothing better than I've got
Maybe I'm just saying that to make myself feel better
Or maybe I'm not, maybe I'm less true
But usually can't even make my sober mind up

I'm coming undone, it's drawn out and overdone
I let myself subside, I'm just a shadow of my former life
My softly shaking hands and hollow mind with harsh demands
Make my body move but I can't get over you
Track Name: Broom - Bad Memories
We don't talk, not anymore
But I kinda wish we would 'cause I'm really fucking bored
And everyday I wake with the writing on the wall
That life ain't just some stupid book
And she's never gonna call

What am I supposed to make of this?
What am I supposed to take from this?
'Cause there's nothing left for me here
I only have bad memories here
And I don't wanna have to deal with this

Now I find it hard to even think of you
And all the shit that we've been through
You introduced me to Brand New
And that was most kind and warm-hearted of you
I should've made it last a little longer
Now I just wanna waste away with you

What I said back then?
You might as well just forget it
I'll do fine alone, If I need it I'll go and get it
And I will leave my heart at the bottom of the Pacific
So it can't be found until someone comes to catch it